Can You Rape a Robot? — Backchannel — Medium


In Humans Need Not Apply, Kaplan envisions a happy future for humans, with robots doing both the literal and figurative heavy lifting. But if we don’t get that design-in-morality part right, things aren’t so sunny. In his words: These machines may offer us unprecedented leisure and freedom as they take over our hard and unpleasant work. But they are also likely to be our stewards. . . The problem is that we may get only one shot at designing those systems to serve our interests — there may not be an opportunity for do-overs. Over breakfast one recent morning, Kaplan and I discussed the progress of AI, the insinuation of robots in the workplace, and whether raping a robot might ever become a crime. He was wearing a suit, ready for a full day of television book promotion. As he became animated on various topics, his eyes bulged under his neatly coiffed grey mane, evocative of an aging rockabilly singer. We also laughed a lot, despite the seriousness of our topic. (Or maybe because the robot future he outlines, while plausible, has an element of the absurd to it, which he openly acknowledges.) Early in our conversation, he threw down a cudgel: “I think we’re headed for increasing trouble,” he said. “If we don’t take some kind of policy actions, things that pretty bad right now are going to potentially get a lot worse.”

Source: Can You Rape a Robot? — Backchannel — Medium


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