Chinese tech giant LeECO could take on Tesla with its LeSEE luxury EV


Chinese tech giant LeECO, which is a subsidiary of LeTV, the company funding Faraday Future, unveiled its first luxury EV sedan in Beijing, China Wednesday morning.It’s called the LeSEE, named for the SEE plan, which stands for “Super Electronic Ecosystem” Plan.On the outside, the car just looks like round-y futuristic sedan. On the inside, however, it’s a bit more interesting. Not only are the seats made from memory foam, the rear seats are ribbed. LeSEE’s interior features ribbed memory foam seats.IMAGE: LEECOBetween the two front passengers are two displays, one that comes off the dashboard and another that juts up from the center console, not too unlike the Volvo Concept 26 interior.In front of the driver is an oddly shaped steering wheel that folds away when the car is put into autonomous mode. IMAGE: LEECOThe car is still functional even when the driver is not in the cabin. That’s because the LeSEE can be operated with voice commands through a smartphone app that allows users to command the car to park itself, a function LeECO demonstrated, albeit slowly, on stage at the debut.

Source: Chinese tech giant LeECO could take on Tesla with its LeSEE luxury EV


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