Daimler Buses unveils autonomous city bus | Middle East Association


Daimler Buses, the world’s biggest bus manufacturer, has unveiled its autonomously driving city bus of the future, which recently drove for the first time on a route of about 20 km in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.On a section of the longest bus rapid transit (BRT) line in Europe, the Mercedes-Benz Future Bus with CityPilot drives at speeds up to 70 km per hour, stops to the nearest centimetre at bus stops and traffic lights, drives off again automatically, passes through tunnels, brakes for obstacles or pedestrians and communicates with traffic signals.The driver is on board and monitors the system, but with a much easier task than before. Daimler Buses is the world’s first manufacturer to put a city bus into automated operation in a real-life traffic situation.Dr Wolfgang Bernhard, member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG for Daimler Trucks & Buses said: “With our Highway Pilot, we showed nearly two years ago that autonomous driving will make long-distance truck transport safer and more efficient. We are now putting this technology into our city buses with CityPilot.”

Source: Daimler Buses unveils autonomous city bus | Middle East Association


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