New form of light promises boost for photonic computing


As such, where electrons may normally stop flowing in a circuit when confronted with a conductor defect, the team realized that the light connection would help the electron flow past the imperfection in a way never before thought possible. The potential of this behavior could be exploited in the likes of future photonic computers, which could be made much more reliable, less vulnerable to disruption, and largely inured to physical defects in their circuits.At present, any evidence of this phenomenon working would be unobservable in any practical way due to the quantum-scale realm in which it occurs. However, Dr Giannini and his team are collaborating with experimental physicists to help produce a practical demonstration of their model, and believe that the actions that would help to create this new form of light could be brought up to a scale where they may be scrutinized at room temperature.Combined with other recent research into new forms of light, this work may help make one more step forward to realizing practical photonic-based quantum computers created from light-based electronic circuits.

Source: New form of light promises boost for photonic computing


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