DW: Autonomous Sub Market to Grow by 50 Percent


AUVs are self-driving submersibles, designed and tasked with conducting subsea missions without input from the surface. They differ from remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) in that they run without a tether to a surface platform and without direct supervision, and they are generally smaller. While their human-controlled counterparts are a common component of commercial subsea oil and gas operations, where they perform manual tasks comparable to the work completed by divers at shallower depths, the majority of AUVs are deployed on military missions. They are an established component of many navies’ reconnaissance and mine countermeasures toolkits; as an example, mine countermeasures training during the multinational RIMPAC 2016 naval exercise included nearly 80 AUV evolutions.

Source: DW: Autonomous Sub Market to Grow by 50 Percent


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