BMW reveals new autonomous Mini concept | Robotics & Automation News


The new Mini Cooperizer is designed as a computerized, electric, connected, and autonomous car, which is meant as part of the company’s own ride-sharing scheme.BMW plans to locate Minis all over a town for people to hire as and when they want through its app. The new Mini concept is design to be electric, connected and autonomousIn a statement, the company says the new Mini “will drive autonomously to a service hub, where it’s cleaned and recharged, before zipping off to meet another driver”.BMW chairman Harald Krüger has placed autonomous driving, artificial intelligence and connectivity at the centre of the company’s plans going forward.As well as this new-look Mini, Krüger says the company will expand the BMW i line-up of electric cars, and has integrated new battery technology into its i3 which it says extends the vehicle’s driving power by 50 per cent.BMW has also entered into partnerships with companies such as Intel and Mobileye to develop fully autonomous cars – called iNext – by 2021.

Source: BMW reveals new autonomous Mini concept | Robotics & Automation News


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