Body-based transmission system keeps passwords secure


, by relaying a signal from a fingerprint scanner through the body to a receiving device in direct contact with the user.Like similar systems that have used magnetic fields to transmit data through the body, the UW team’s technique is designed as an alternative to sending signals wirelessly through the air via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The advantage of this, the researchers say, is that it’s much harder for hackers to intercept the signal, since they’d have to be physically touching the person.”Let’s say I want to open a door using an electronic smart lock,” says co-lead author, Merhdad Hessar. “I can touch the doorknob and touch the fingerprint sensor on my phone and transmit my secret credentials through my body to open the door, without leaking that personal information over the air.”The system works by making use of the low-frequency signals generated by a smartphone’s fingerprint sensor that locate the finger’s position in space and read the grooves in a user’s fingerprint using capacitive coupling. Registering between 2 and 10 MHz, these signals aren’t strong enough to travel through the air, but do travel through the human body well.

Source: Body-based transmission system keeps passwords secure


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