WNET NJTV NEWS: Self-Driving Cars Raise Privacy Concerns | Consumer Watchdog


As automakers and technology companies race to deliver self-driving and driverless cars to market, motorist associations and privacy advocates fear they’re leaving something behind: protecting consumer privacy.“It is a data mine of where we go and what’s happening as cars pass us by,” said Consumer Watchdog President Jamie Court.Consumer advocates say they welcome the advent of this new technology but they have big concerns about all that information being collected and how it will be used.“Consumers should have total control over the data but Google and car makers will resist that because they know the money’s in the data,” Court said.Consumer Watchdog says it doesn’t have much confidence in the government’s new approach of issuing guidelines while the self-driving industry is emerging. Nevertheless, this month, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a 15-point guideline for automakers. Topping the list: data sharing — “for the purposes of recording the occurrence of malfunctions, degradations or failures in a way that can be used to establish the cause of any such issues.” And second, privacy — manufacturers “should take steps to protect consumer privacy.”“Data will become the most valuable commodity in the driverless car revolution and we have to give individuals absolute control not to have data sharing beyond the operation of the vehicle,” Court said.

Source: WNET NJTV NEWS: Self-Driving Cars Raise Privacy Concerns | Consumer Watchdog


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