The Physics Defying EmDrive Just Passed Peer Review. Here’s What You Need to Know


IN BRIEFThe controversial NASA study of the EmDrive (which was previously leaked) has finally been released, and it shows that EmDrive may work.There are various ways that the study could prove to be erroneous, but the peer-review process will allow other scientists to seek to confirm or debunk the findings.A CONTENTIOUS TECHNOLOGYDocuments were leaked earlier this month about NASA’s study of a proposed EmDrive. It generated the usual host of reactions, ranging from “it totally works” hype to outright dismissal. It’s rare for a piece of technology to inspire such polarizing reactions; however, these reactions are rather understandable.The EmDrive, otherwise known as a radio frequency resonant cavity thruster, makes use of microwaves that are bounced around inside an asymmetrical-shaped cavity. To break this down a bit more, the claim is, you bounce microwaves back and forth inside a truncated cone, and the result will be a thrust toward the narrow end of the cone.That seems simple enough, yes? After all, you are just converting kinetic energy into another form of energy. Well, here is the kicker: The total momentum increases as the device begins to move. That is like placing yourself inside a box, pushing on the side, and generating thrust.In short, it provides thrust without the need for a propellant, which at face value, violates Newton’s Third Law of Motion. This means that, based on the current laws of physics, it’s not supposed to work. Yet, that leaked paper from NASA was just peer-reviewed and published; its results suggest that it does work, barring other possible explanations.

Source: The Physics Defying EmDrive Just Passed Peer Review. Here’s What You Need to Know


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