This is the self-driving car that Korean researchers are quietly building


While Uber and Tesla grab headlines in self-driving car tech, Korean engineers are building an autonomous vehicle that is planned for roadworthiness by the middle of this year.A team at the Seoul National University have been building their self-driving car — cleverly named SNUber — for the past couple of years. While it’s been available for use on campus via an app, the team is ready to test the outside terrain, thanks to Korea recently opening downtown roads to self-driving cars.SEE ALSO: This 13-foot-tall mechanical suit looks like something straight out of a sci-fi filmIn a ride I had with two engineers, the car safely maneuvered through traffic on the Seoul campus, stopping for pedestrians, slowing traffic and oncoming buses that poked into its lane. It was also able to overtake obstacles like double-parked cars and made safe left and right turns — perhaps more passively than the average driver in safety-first, “grandma-style” fashion, as the driver put it.Seo Seung-woo, lead professor on the project, said he and his team of around 20 engineers ultimately aims for Level 4 driverless technology — regarded as full autonomy, which involves ferrying a passenger from door-to-door on regular roads. They expect the tech will be ready for primetime by 2025.

Source: This is the self-driving car that Korean researchers are quietly building


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