Sky-Hopper: Another manned multirotor project to watch


Manned multicopters for personal flight are definitely going to be a thing in the near future. On the industrial-grade side of things, you can look at eHang out of China, and their (dubious, in my opinion) plans to roll out VTOL air taxis in Dubai this year. Or Jetpack Aviation’s upcoming prototypes, or eVolo’s Volocopter.If you want to know how these things are most likely to impact your life in the medium term, you should check out Uber’s excellent Elevate whitepaper, which details how cruise-capable electric VTOL vehicles could make business sense in the coming decades, and does a great job outlining the technological, regulatory, infrastructure and capital issues that’ll need to be addressed before they start operating in commercial quantities.But multicopters are easy to build – heck, the entire drone industry was built on do-it-yourself hobby kits as recently five or six years ago. And we now live in a world where it’s easy and cheap to buy things like inertial measurement units, GPS units, electric motors and props. Flight controller chips from HobbyKing, Naze32, OpenPilot, DJI and a rash of others are cheap, reliable, reasonably bulletproof and come with easy-to-program software. Even the price of a decent sized lightweight lithium battery pack is coming down.So it’s natural enough that people are starting to build multicopters in their back yards that are big enough to carry humans around. The technology is easily available – just add cojones and stir.

Source: Sky-Hopper: Another manned multirotor project to watch


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