Molecule-Size ‘Nanocars’ Gear Up for Microscopic Racing Event


Four teams will race tiny vehicles made of a single molecule at The National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) in Toulouse on April 28. The competition will be broadcast live on YouTube for fans of both motorsports and cutting-edge science.Aside from putting on a spectacle, the competition is aimed at demonstrating the growing capabilities of so-called molecular machines. Three European academics won the 2016 Nobel Prize in chemistry for demonstrating the ability to design and build devices at the molecular level that work like traditional machines by converting input energy into mechanical work. [Magnificent Microphotography: 50 Tiny Wonders]AdvertisementNext UpHistory: Prehistoric Artists Used Pointillism 38,000 Years Ago01:00 01:09 Several of the nanocars taking part in the race have a similar layout to conventional car designs, but others are mimicking the motion of things as varied as caterpillars, hovercraft and windmills. Christian Joachim, a senior researcher at CNRS and director of the NanoCar Race, told Live Science the organizers were keen to maintain the innovative spirit of early motorsports.

Source: Molecule-Size ‘Nanocars’ Gear Up for Microscopic Racing Event


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