Audi tests autonomous vehicle in Albany – Laredo Morning Times


ALBANY — State Thruway Authority Executive Director BillFinch, state Department of Motor Vehicles Executive Deputy Commissioner Terri Egan and two Audi engineers took the inaugural ride in Audi’s autonomous vehicle Tuesday morning following the passage of a law in the state budget that established a one-year testing period for driverless technologies in New York. Tailing them was a state trooper, who must observe testing.The trips being made with lawmakers and others who wanted to check out the technology took riders from the state Capitol, through downtown Albany and out onto the open highway, where “Jack” — Audi’s autonomous vehicle — picked up speed on its own.The only autonomous part of the trip was along Interstate 90 between the Patroon Island Bridge and Exit 10 to the east of the city, a spokesman said. The portion of the ride through Albany and along Interstate 787 required manual control by the Audi engineer in the driver’s seat because the car was programmed to drive itself on I-90 only.

Source: Audi tests autonomous vehicle in Albany – Laredo Morning Times


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