Human pilot holds off NASA’s autonomous racing drones


Loo averaged 11.1 seconds per lap, while the AI drones averaged 13.9 seconds. But it wasn’t simply a question of speed. The JPL team points out that its drones flew more consistently overall and weren’t troubled by fatigue, unlike Loo.

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SureFly is a Next-Gen Personal Octocopter – WeTalkUAV.Com


Surefly has a top speed of 70 mph, and its max takeoff weight is estimated to be 1,500 pounds. It has a gasoline piston engine that drives dual generators to provide power to the motors. Surefly can get up to one hour of flight time per tank of gasoline. It can go as high as 4,000 feet, and it comes with full computer and electrical redundancy systems. The emergency battery power system lasts for five minutes, but passengers can always resort to using the ballistic parachute system in extreme cases.

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Solar supercapacitor creates electricity and hydrogen fuel on the cheap


Hydrogen-powered vehicles are slowly hitting the streets, but although it’s a clean and plentiful fuel source, a lack of infrastructure for mass producing, distributing and storing hydrogen is still a major roadblock. But new work out of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) could help lower the barrier to entry for consumers, with a device that uses sunlight to produce both hydrogen and electricity.

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Magnetic fabric stores passcodes in your clothes


If you don’t like the idea of your boss implanting a chip in your hand to let you open doors and log into office computers, a team from the University of Washington has developed a system that doesn’t require quite so big a commitment. It allows passcodes to be stored in your clothes without electronics, courtesy of a patch of magnetic fabric that can be read by sensors at a door or vending machine.

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RTA, Emaar sign deal to launch driverless vehicles in Downtown Dubai – Gulf Business


Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has signed a joint venture with Emaar Properties to study the launch of autonomous vehicles in Downtown Dubai.The vehicles will use smart traffic signals as crossings between the Dubai Mall and Boulevard areas, a statement said.The initiative will seek to link various landmarks in Downtown Dubai with autonomous vehicles including Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Dubai Opera, Souq Al Bahar and hotels.“The self-driving vehicles had brought new challenges and perceptions to our road infrastructure, which warrants upgrading the existing technology in an innovative manner to mark the world’s first autonomous vehicles initiative,” said Maitha bin Adai, CEO of Traffic and Roads Agency.“The joint venture between RTA and Emaar is a fruitful outcome of the study of autonomous vehicles plying the Dubai Mall and the Boulevard areas using, in the initial phase, smart interactive systems between these vehicles and traffic signals on some intersections, controlled by signalized traffic lights.”

Source: RTA, Emaar sign deal to launch driverless vehicles in Downtown Dubai – Gulf Business

Nissan Just Unveiled A Singing Electric Car That Warns Pedestrians


ow, Nissan wants to make their driverless cars and electric vehicles even safer through a new feature: the singing electric car, a function designed to alert nearby pedestrians.Launched at the Tokyo Motor Show this past week, Nissan calls this new feature “Canto”—which means “I sing” in Italian. It doesn’t literally make EVs sing, of course. Instead, it emits noise that sound “like a demonic string quartet tuning its instruments,” according to WIRED.

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Fly Like The Green Goblin With This 80mph Hoverboard – WeTalkUAV


The EZ Fly is powered by seven airplane jets, so it’s a gas-guzzler. It can fly faster than the legal speed limit on US freeways, but the tradeoff is its fuel consumption of about a gallon of gas per minute. The hoverboard can reach heights rated at 9000 feet, which is way higher than the 400 feet height limit for consumer drones. For reference, a commercial airplane usually flies 30,000 feet, so the EZ Fly can fly about 1/3 that height. The flying machine was created to be easy to operate, and it keeps the pilot safe with its built-in stability algorithm. It also has some redundancy features. The test pilot in the video experienced a motor failure while flying in the air, but the EZ Fly proceeded like normal, even after a trail of smoke appeared.

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