Machines with Brains — Quartz


The boundaries between person and machine are becoming difficult to define. Human brains power robotic limbs; an artificially intelligent machine serves as the manager for tens of thousands of workers; chatbots act as digital replicas of us. Humanity is, in effect, getting an upgrade.What were once capabilities thought unique to humans are now powering technologies that could offer the ability to extend and deepen our lives—or supplant our livelihoods.

Source: Machines with Brains — Quartz

Meet the Eyeborg: The Filmmaker With a Video Camera In His Right Eye Socket


While the word “cyborg” is still more closely aligned with science-fiction, more and more people are augmenting their bodies with technology. Many of these augmentations correct limitations, like this Star Wars inspired prosthetic arm, or these exoskeletons designed to give paralyzed people improved functionality. However, the next wave of available augmentations could focus on enhancing human capabilities, both physically and cognitively, beyond what is biologically possible. Tech wizards like Elon Musk and Bryan Johnson are working on systems that would integrate the human brain with computers, making the subject smarter.

Source: Meet the Eyeborg: The Filmmaker With a Video Camera In His Right Eye Socket