Skoda’s weird pedal-free Klement e-bike concept


The interesting bit, of course, is the control scheme. There are no pedals here, just a pair of tilting footrests. Tilt them forward, and the bike accelerates. Tilt them backwards, and regenerative braking kicks in. Tilt them completely back, and the pedals even begin engaging the hydraulic disc brake on the front wheel – which is equipped with ABS to make up for the fact that you won’t have much feeling for the brakes through your heels.

Without any levers or throttles, the handlebars are quite a sparse affair, with neat little buttons for the lights, horn and indicators. If you want a speedo or battery readout, you need to attach your phone to the frame.

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2021 Electric Vehicles: The Future Generation of EVs


The next year and a half will bring about 15 new electric vehicles to U.S. dealerships. We know about the EVs coming in 2020. But what’s right over the horizon in 2021 or 2022?

Automakers are notoriously tight-lipped about products that far in the future. But this slideshow shares some clues that we found in executive comments and buried in press releases. At this stage, expect to see flashy concept models and big promises about long range and self-driving features. Time will tell what pans out.

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Vattenfall And NewMotion Sign Charging Roaming Agreement In UK


The deal between Vattenfall and NewMotion concerns just over 400 points, but it might be a beginning to closer cooperation between networks.
UK, with around 25,000 public charging points, has one of the better charging infrastructures, although there are many operators without roaming agreements, which often requires multiple access accounts.

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More On Ford’s EV Strategy: Goals For Mass Acceptance & Profitability


As we’ve previously reported, Ford is now well on its way to a new chapter, which includes multiple upcoming electric vehicles. A Mustang-inspired EV crossover — potentially named the Mach E — is due first, set for 2020.

According to sources at Ford, as well as plenty of leaks and rumors, an all-electric F-150 will come shortly thereafter, followed by a few all-electric midsize SUVs by the end of 2022. Other reports point to even more Ford EVs arriving within a similar timeframe.

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