Chinese AI Startup TuSimple Breaks Ten Records in Autonomous-driving Technology


TuSimple swept KITTI’s nine individual tests, ranking first in the world for all of them, while other well-known institutes had previously had only one or two individual top ranks.Cityscapes Dataset is published by Mercedes-Benz and provides a segmentation data set in anonymous driving. It is used to evaluate algorithms’ performance of semantic understanding in an urban setting. Cityscapes have 50 cities with different scenes, backgrounds and seasons. It has 5,000 fine annotation images, 20,000 roughly annotation images and 30 class objects.Cityscapes benchmark has two subsets: fine and coarse. The former provides 5,000 very detailed, pixel-level labeling and the latter provides an extra 20,000 coarse level labeling. TuSimple’s algorithm triumphed under each sets of criteria.In addition to TuSimple’s success in the self-driving benchmark for KITTI and Cityscapes, TuSimple also achieved first place in facial landmark localization benchmark, 300W and AFLW by a landslide. This technique is mainly used for driver monitoring systems and positioning driver facial landmarks to detect fatigue or distracted driving.The same technologies have been used in TuSimple’s product and demo.About TuSimpleTuSimple is a computer vision and artificial intelligence algorithms technology provider that primarily helps domestic enterprises to customize the image recognition, autonomous driving, advanced driver assistance system and driver monitoring system technologies using computer vision and deep learning algorithms.As a technology-driven artificial intelligence startup, TuSimple established two R&D centers in Beijing and San Diego to hire top scientists in both U.S. and China. TuSimple team members come from California Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Nanyang Technological University, Tsinghua University, Peking University and Shanghai Jiaotong University. Sixty percent of its employees have a Ph.D. degree.

Source: Chinese AI Startup TuSimple Breaks Ten Records in Autonomous-driving Technology


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